Rework Menu


  1. Fill out a Rework Order Form! Here you'll specify the design/patches/embellishment you would like -OR- request an artist's choice rework.
  2. Send in the item you'd like reworked! (If you're local to Portland, OR we can schedule an in-person drop.)
  3. I'll send you a general mock-up to approve, then get to re-work (ha!)
  4. A 50% deposit will be made up front; the rest will be paid upon completion.
  5. When the piece is complete, I'll send it back to you.


Pricing for custom projects will vary! Feel free to let me know your budget.

In general, projects will start at $40 depending on the clothing item and scope of the rework. Things like your garment's material, placement of the embellishments, complexity/time to produce the design, and cost of desired rework materials will factor into the price.